Katrina’s continuing damage

NPR’s All things considered had another driveway moment on Monday evening. They aired a report “Move-Out Date Looms for New Orleans’ Homeless” by Joseph Shapiro. It is a moving story about both the dramatic increase in homelessness as well as the difficulty of securing supportive housing in a tight real estate market. To listen click here.

All Things Considered, December 10, 2007 · Since Hurricane Katrina, the number of homeless people living in New Orleans has doubled. Many are people who had a place to live before the storm. But many of them were just barely getting by – and were dealing with physical and mental disabilities. Now, they cannot afford the price of housing.

On Tuesday, the state is planning to begin building a fence around a city park that has become an encampment for homeless people. They’ll have until DEC. 21 to move out, and that may not be enough time for groups that help the homeless to find them permanent housing.