Project Homeless Connect Organizing Techniques

In this second year of planning for Project Homeless Connect, counties have come up with new and innovative ways of organizing their events and creating new partnerships to make the day a success. Middlesex County has turned to new tools in helping to organize their up-coming Project Homeless Connect events. The Project Homeless Connect Committee has developed a website to organize, coordinate and spread the word about Project Homeless Connect. Those visiting the site will be able to sign up to volunteer, find out information about the types of donations requested and learn about different ways they can help.

To view Middlesex County’s Project Homeless Connect website please visit

In addition to utilizing the web for planning and advertising the upcoming Project Homeless Connect event, Middlesex County has developed new and innovative partnerships. DeVry University has held clothing drives to provide hats, gloves, scarfs and coats to the Project Homeless Connect events. In addition, Perth Amboy Vocational School and East Brunswick Vocational School have held drives to collect goods to give out at the Project Homeless Connect event. Moving forward with planning for future Project Homeless Connect events, we encourage counties to look for creative ways of spreading the word and innovative partnerships.

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