Weehawken High School raises money and awareness about Homelessness in Hudson County

Hudson County has found new partners in their Project Homeless Connect planning. A group of students from Weehawken High School have chosen Project Homeless Connect as one of three service initiatives to work with during the holiday season. An article in the Hudson Reporter highlights this dynamic group of students.

It’s the holiday season and there’s a group of Weehawken High School students who are making sure they are definitely in the spirit of giving.

The Peer Leadership group at the high school is comprised of approximately 40 students, half of whom are extremely active, who have donated their time and energy toward three different volunteer projects that have been taking place during the holidays. Collectively, they feel like they’re making their presence felt in the community and making a difference by assisting others in their time of need.

“It’s a great feeling,” said sophomore Veronica Nunez, one of the more active members of the Weehawken Peer Leadership. “I love making a difference and helping others. It’s why I joined Peer Leadership went I was in seventh grade. I always wanted to help others out and change things for the better.”

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