Lily Mae saves energy as it nears completion

Lily Mae is a permanent, affordable and supportive housing development sponsored by Cape Counseling Services, Inc. Construction on the 13-unit project is moving quickly towards completion after a few unexpected delays. Construction is approximately 85% complete and it’s anticipated that renovations will be complete by early spring. Some of the work currently going on includes installation of the remaining solar tubes, drywall, gas meter and gas line installation, installation of electrical service and excavation for concrete sidewalk.

This project received funding through the New Jersey Affordable Green Program. The goal of the program is to promote energy efficiency and overall building performance through innovative sustainable design. The three areas that the project focused on were Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency. One of the many noteworthy features under Energy Efficiency is the completion of monthly Environmental and Waste Management Program Goals. This recycling program is implemented with the goal of diverting waste materials from landfills wherever possible. Currently, this project has diverted over 215 tons of recycled material from landfills and has a landfill diversion rate of 69.92%!

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