1/20/09 The End of an Error

A year from today there will be a new President of the United States. It is far too early to know who will be taking the oath of office a year from today in Washington. But whoever is elected change will occur. The headline is from a bumper sticker we have seen. Some may agree with the sentiment. Some may not. However, it appears that both parties are campaigning as if there will be a break from the past.

The challenge is that even if it is the end of an error will it be the change that we need?

The debates so far have not focused on the critical issues that confront urban needs much less the needs of persons with disabilities or the homeless. Have any of the candidates met a homeless person? Do they believe we can and should end homelessness?

With the New Jersey primary two weeks away hopefully the debate will begin to focus on how to end homelessness and provide supportive housing for all who need it. If not we may find ourselves a year from now ending an error but continuing the neglect of issues that really matter.