Salem County Paper Highlights Homelessness in County

Salem County’s Today’s Sunbeam newspaper ran an article on January 22, 2008 discussing the upcoming Project Homeless Connect events. The article discussed the hidden homeless population in the county and the great need that often goes unnoticed as people slip through the cracks.

Group to aid homeless in county

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
By Heather Simione

SALEM Where will you sleep tonight?

This is a question whose answer by many who live here will shock you into the reality that homelessness does exist in Salem County.

On Jan. 29 an estimated 60 volunteers will work in coordination with Project Homeless Connect to conduct a Point In Time Survey to assess the number of those in need of shelter and provide basic essentials to them.

Street team volunteers will pound the pavement from mid-morning until dusk reaching out to those succumbing to harsh weather during this winter season.

Four individuals will comprise a team with each team preferably having a bi-lingual member.

As it’s commonly known, those with mental illness are the biggest challenge to bring in from the cold because this is a voluntary process. No one is forced to leave the streets. However, they will still be offered help and supplies even if they choose not to go with a volunteer to one of the two facilities being used as a base to provide services to these individuals.

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