The subprime crisis and homelessness

As we aware ware the subprime crisis has shaken the stock markets around the world the last few days. The President and Congress have found $150 billion dollars to stimulate the economy. But is anyone talking about the potential of this crisis to aggravate and increase homelessness? Please share your thoughts and make sure to complete the survey developed by the National Coalition for the Homeless has prepared.

The National Coalition for the Homeless [NCH] is deeply concerned about the subprime and foreclosure crisis and its potential to increase homelessness in our communities. Please take a moment to participate in this national survey of homeless service providers, advocates and coalitions. Your input is critical because our collective perspective may not otherwise be included in the national dialogue on this issue. Your response will help NCH raise the level of awareness among our policy makers about the interdependence between the subprime/foreclosure crisis and the changing face of homelessness in our nation. Click here for the survey.

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