Ann Oliva provides insight on HUD’s SNAPS Programs

Ann Oliva, the Director of HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Program Office, was the keynote speaker at the CSH sponsored Mid-Atlantic Region HMIS (MARHMIS) Forum which was held in Philadelphia on January 31, 2008. Ms. Oliva in a previous position worked to develop continuum of care plans in Washington DC and other communities. She provided insights on the 2007 Awards, proposed legislation to reauthorize the McKinney-Vento program, two new initiatives for 2008, the relationship between HMIS and the COC and an overview of the 2008 competition. Use the link below to listen to her important comments. Please share this post!


Among her key points were:

The cut off for new funding in 2007 was more than 90 out of a possible 100. This was an increase from the 2006 cutoff of 86.

More than 6,266 applications from 464 CoC’s were submitted. Of these 94% were approved.

Only 49% of the applications scored higher than the cutoff and were thus able to receive new funding.

The portion of funding for housing versus services was at 64%.

The 2008 grant applications will be electronic but not through She stated that this was being done to expedite the review and approval process. By 2009 she stated the goal is to have awards approved in the same fiscal year they were appropriated by Congress.

All applicants for funding in 2008 will need to register with CCR and have a DUNS number. (Click here to find out how to do this if you have not already done this.)

No significant changes except for formatting related to the online submission are planned.

Because it will be an online application, in future years it will only be necessary to update the database.

In 2008 the application will be later than normal due to training that is planned in the spring. However, announcements will be made by December 2008.

HUD/VASH will provide 8,000 Section 8 Vouchers for homeless veterans this year. This will include singles and families. She stated that outreach and a Federal Register notice on how to apply should occur in the next six weeks.

This year’s budget has funding for $25 million dollars for rapid re-housing of homeless families. This will be part of the CoC process.

More details will be provided over the next few days. In addition, next week her power point will be online.

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