2008 CoC applications to be online submissions

The 21st Century will arrive in 2008! After many years of promises to go electronic that were postponed, the 2008 CoC applications will be online. This was explained in detail during the February 21, 2008 HUD web cast. To view the Power Point click here. To view a PDF version click here. Note the PDF version only covers the section on 2008.

All applicants must have a valid DUNS Number

Applies to all organizations submitting a project application (SF-424 and Exhibit 2)

DUNS= Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System is a 9 digit number; 4 digit extensions issued to designate departments, divisions, alternate locations for large organizations.

    Example: State Government – DUNS: 123456789
    State Department of Housing – DUNS: 123456789-0987
    State Department of Health – DUNS: 123456789-4321
    Call 1-866-705-5711 to obtain DUNS #; takes 10-15 minutes; no charge

Register with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) to complete:

    Trading Partner Profile (TPP)
    E-Business Point of Contact
    Authorized Organization Representatives (AOR)
    Register early – allow time for processing
    New and updated registrations can take several weeks
    Register at: www.ccr.gov

New process in 2008!

Every CoC will need to identify itself in new electronic CoC Registration system

    Lead Organization
    Primary Contact
    Alternate Contact
    Geographic Areas
    Registration process begins May 2008

CoCs must register by June 30, 2008

HUD will approve CoC registration and CoC will be notified of registration approval

CoCs failing to register or not approved will not be able to submit application

Request User ID and password

    At least 1 person from each CoC
    At least 1 person from each applicant organization
    User ID and password application is completed on-line in just a few minutes

HUD will notify CoCs and applicants when they can begin requesting User Ids and passwords

Several other key points to remember:

    Later application start date
    Later submission deadline
    December 2008 award announcement
    Fully electronic, on-line application
    Outside grants.gov process
    On-line entry of data into new system
    Applicants enter data for SF-424 and Exhibit 2
    CoCs review and rank respective Exhibit 2s
    CoCs enter data for Exhibit 1

CoC registration training – April 2008

Electronic application training (Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2) – June 2008

On-line training will be available throughout the entire application period

All attachments must be submitted electronically into the system. Documents with written signatures will have to be scanned as PDF files.

Supporting documentation can be in either: Scanned to PDF or Microsoft Word or
Microsoft Excel files.

One (1) Grant Inventory Worksheet for each CoC completed by Field Office (FO)

    All grants expiring in 2009
    All grants expiring 2010
    All unexecuted grants

Grant Inventory worksheet will be used to calculate renewal burden and Hold Harmless Need amount for 2008 competition and the annual renewal amount for all grants expiring 2009.

CoC should receive Grant Inventory Worksheet from FO no later than May 9, 2008

Each CoC must review their worksheet and notify the FO of any issues, errors or concerns by May 19, 2008.

To view the Power Point click here. To view a PDF version click here. Note the PDF version only covers the section on 2008.