HUD Debriefing of the 2007 CoC Submissions

HUD held their webcast debriefing on Thursday February 21, 2008. If you missed it it will soon be available through their archive. When that occurs we will provide the link.

The following notes are from several people including Alison Recca-Ryan from CSH who viewed the webcast as well as from their Power Point presentation. The Power Point may be very appropriate for a meeting or other presentation. To view the Power Point click here. To view a PDF version click here.

The national scores for each section will be of interest as each New Jersey CoC reviews their scores.

    Section I CoC Organizational Structure the national average was 7.58 out of 8.
    Section II Housing and Service Needs was 10.5 out of 12. Of this amount the average without HMIS was 6.3 out of 7. The average for the HMIS section was 4.2 out of 5.
    Section III Strategic Planning was 8.1 out of 10.
    Section IV Performance was 12.7 out of 18.
    Section V Housing Emphasis was 7.9 out of 12.

Among the information they provided from the 2007 application that may be of special interest is the outcome measurements from Chart U.

2007 Goal: 71% of all participants remained in PH for at least 6 months 2007 Achievement: 73.5%

2007 Goal: 61.5% of participants in TH moved to PH 2007 Achievement: 62.4%

In regards to the Housing Emphasis scores HUD provided the following advice.

CoCs can improve housing emphasis score by:

    Creating new housing projects with pro rata need or through HHN reallocation
    Significant changes require HUD approval prior to application submission
    Examples of significant changes are:
    Shifting more than 10 percent between line items
    Deleting an existing activity or adding a new activity
    Project budgets that had significant changes, such as these examples, without prior approval were automatically restored to previously approved budget.

Fo all of the details regarding the 2007 debriefing please review their Power Point presentation. To view the Power Point click here. To view a PDF version click here.