CSH Releases 2008 Training Calendar


CSH has released its 2008 Training Calendar for New Jersey.

This year CSH will be providing four (4) training tracks to meet every skill level. CSH encourages all participants to register for an entire track of training sessions. Training sessions will be either 1/2 day or full day. All training sessions will be held at: NJ Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency, 637 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08650.

Track 1: Intro to Supportive Housing

#1: Supportive Housing 101 – March 11, 2008
Learn the basics of supportive housing development.

#2: HUD 101 – April 8, 2008
Learn how to execute HUD paperwork, eligibility and program standards and basic record keeping and monitoring.

#3: Models for Service Delivery – July 15, 2008
Panel discussion on supportive housing service delivery models.

Track 2: Supportive Housing 202

#1: Land Use Issues – April 29, 2008
Learn how to survive the zoning process including what you need to know to determine project feasibility and location.

#2: Issues in the First Year of Operations – May 9, 2008
You have started a new permanent supportive housing project – now what?

#3: Working with For-Profit Developers – December 9, 2008
Panel of for-profit developers discuss how non-profit service/housing providers and for-profit housing developers can work together to create permanent supportive housing.

Track 3: Capacity Building

#1: Building the Foundation: Board & Staff Development – June 17, 2008
Learn the skill base your agency must have to create successful supportive housing projects.

#2: Beyond the Single Family Home – Developing and Financing Larger SH Projects – September 9, 2008
Panel discussion on the development process and available funding mechanisms.

#3: Integrated Housing Models – October 14, 2008
Learn the latest in integrated supportive housing models.

Track 4: Focus on Populations

#1: Serving Youth in Permanent Supportive Housing – June 24, 2008
Experienced providers speak on how to develop, operate and provide services for youth projects.

#2: Serving Families in Permanent Supportive Housing – August 12, 2008
Experienced providers discuss how to develop, operate and provide services for family projects.

#3: Serving the Re-Entry Population in Permanent Supportive Housing – November 6, 2008
Experienced providers talk about how to develop, operate and provide services for re-entry projects.

For further details on the training sessions, please see our brochure.

It is recommended that participants register for an entire training track. Individuals who complete the track will receive a certificate of accomplishment.
To register, click here.