HUD Releases 2008 Preliminary Pro Rata Need

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released Preliminary Pro Rata Need numbers through the Homeless Resource Exchange website. According to preliminary numbers, $26,499,968 will be available for HUD McKinney Vento Funding in the 2008 fiscal year. This represents a $44,348 reduction from 2007 funding levels, which provided $26,544,316 for homeless programs funded through the continuum of care process. While there has been an overall reduction in the amount of funding available for the 2008 McKinney Vento program, some of the smaller counties in New Jersey will see a significant increase in funding levels. To view the 2008 Pro Rata Need allocation for New Jersey click here.

This is how HUD explains how they determine preliminary pro rata need (P/PRN): To determine the homeless assistance need of a particular jurisdiction, HUD will use nationally available data, including the following factors as used in the Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) program: data on poverty, housing overcrowding, population, age of housing, and growth lag. HUD recognizes and accounts for the fact that while a significant portion of homeless need exists in urban areas, homeless need also exists in rural areas. Applying those factors to a particular jurisdiction provides an estimate of the relative need index for that jurisdiction compared to other jurisdictions applying for assistance under this program section of the SuperNOFA.

In previous years 15% of the Pro Rata Need was added on to each communities allocation to provided for new housing projects for the chronically homeless through the Samaritan Bonus. At this time it is unclear if there will be an increase in the percent of pro rata need that will determine the Samaritan Bonus.

As more information about the 2008 Pro Rata Need is released, updates will be posted.

To view the 2008 Pro Rata Need allocation for New Jersey click here.