Important Funding Opportunity for SAMHSA Homeless Grants


The Corporation for Supportive Housing has released an alert on SAMHSA funding for Treatment of for Homeless Grants.

New SAMHSA Grant Funding Available for Services in Supportive Housing

On March 31, 2008, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) has announced that it is accepting applications for FY 2008 grants for the Development of Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment Systems for Persons Who are Homeless. (Short Title: Treatment for Homeless Grants.)

Why the SAMHSA Grant Is Important

CSH and its partners are excited about this new funding opportunity, which is available as a result of significant advocacy efforts. The Treatment for Homeless Grant is a valuable resource that can be used to fund a substantial portion of the costs of services in some supportive housing projects. This grant program may also provide resources to address other needs for treatment services that have been defined through collaborative state and local planning to end chronic homelessness. CSH encourages local governments and non-profit organizations to apply for this funding to increase the availability of effective services in supportive housing for homeless persons, as well as other services that help link homeless people to housing. Further, if SAMHSA/CSAT receives a large number of high quality applications, this will help demonstrate to policymakers that the need for services exceeds available resources.

How the SAMHSA Grant Is Used

The purpose of this program is to expand and strengthen treatment services for persons who are homeless (including those who are chronically homeless), who also have substance use disorders, mental disorders, or co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. To address the broad needs of this population, CSAT seeks to increase the number of homeless persons placed in stable housing and who receive treatment services for alcohol, substance use, and co-occurring disorders. Therefore, SAMHSA/CSAT is targeting $4.5 million per year within the Treatment for Homeless – Services in Supportive Housing funding category.

Other Guidelines for Grants for Supportive Housing

SAMHSA grant funds may not be used for housing costs, but are intended for services linked to permanent housing funded through HUD’s Homeless Assistance grants programs (including Shelter Plus Care or Supportive Housing Program) or through comparable funding provided from other sources. The Treatment for Homeless Grants can be used to pay for direct treatment, including screening, assessment, and active treatment for substance use and mental disorders, outreach, case management and wrap-around and recovery support services for homeless persons, including those who are chronically homeless. In addition, services may include: employment readiness, training and placement; education, screening and counseling for hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; and trauma informed services.

How to Apply for the SAMHSA Grant

Applications are due May 29, 2008. Up to $10 million will be available to fund as many as 25 awards. (Annual awards of up to $400,000 per year in total costs, direct and indirect, for up to 5 years.) The required documents are available on the SAMHSA web site at:

Click here to find out about Applying for a New SAMHSA Grant
To view the Request for Applications which includes all of the forms click here.

CSH has also prepared a detailed overview of SAMHSA’s FY 2008 Treatment for Homeless Grants Program.

The Corporation for Supportive Housing offers this information based on our current best understanding and interpretation of SAMHSA’s program. This information is not meant to represent official advice under SAMHSA authority.