Family Preservation for Older Youth Audio Conference

The National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) will be hosting an audio conference on – Family Preservation for Older Youth – on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 3pm ET.

According to NAEH, with at least one million youth on the streets and in shelter in America, and hundreds of thousands more leaving juvenile justice placement, mental health facilities, and child welfare systems, the problem of youth homelessness continues unabated. Research indicates that most youth flee homes due to severe conflict, abuse, and neglect. The issues propelling older youth into homelessness are often the same issues that drive younger children into child protection and foster care. Preventing youth homelessness before it occurs is a critical part of ending homelessness among youth. Some communities offer family preservation services to families with infants and younger children as a means of preventing an out-of-home placement. These same services should be offered to older adolescents experiencing family conflict and neglect, with the assurance that youth will only be returned to safe and nurturing families. A review of community responses and best practices in family preservation (which focus on resolving conflict and decreasing the incidence of abuse and neglect) will be offered with a special consideration toward practices geared toward older adolescents.

Featured Speakers

Anne Cornell, Chair of the National Family Preservation Network
Debbie Shore, Executive Director at Sasha Bruce Youthwork

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