2010 Homeless Awards

19 of 20 Counties funded for new projects
Monarch counties secure $10M in new funds

On April 28, 2011 the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the awards for new projects funded through the 2010 Continuum of Care (CoC) competition. New Jersey experienced a record-breaking year receiving $16,250,088 in new funds, about 7.5% of all new funds awarded throughout the country.

The total awards for new and renewal projects in New Jersey were $38,417,591. This is a new record. New Jersey’s total 2010 award is 7.2% higher than the total 2009 award of $35,823,119, which had been New Jersey’s most successful year to date.

Out of the twenty (20) counties competing in the 2010 Continuum of Care Competition, nineteen (19) counties received funding for new projects. Fifteen (15) of those counties receiving new funding work with Monarch Housing Associates.

Counties working with Monarch Housing Associates received a total of $10,070,880 in new funds. This represents 62% of the total new funds awarded to the state of New Jersey. Funding secured by these 15 counties will create one hundred sixty-two (162) new units of permanent supportive housing for two hundred fifty-five (255) beds for homeless people in New Jersey.

To view the full list of new awards by click here.

Monarch Housing worked with fifteen (15) continuums this year and one hundred-twenty-three of the renewal projects totaling $14,572,035.

To view the awards in a table format click here.


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