Camden County Approves Trust Fund

On November 18, 2010, the Camden County Board of  Freeholders approved Resolution 45, which established the Camden County Homeless Trust Fund pursuant to P. L. 2009 Chapter 123.

Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez
Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez

Freeholder Carmen G. Rodriguez, who sponsored the resolution, thanked “Karen Talarico and the members of Homeless Network Planning Committee (HNPC) as well as Catherine DeCheser, Hilary Colbert and the entire staff of the Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC) for their support of the legislation .” She noted that this will help the homeless in the entire county. “Now we need to use this new tool to end homelessness in Camden City and County.”

Camden County is the eighth county to establish a homeless trust fund, which allows counties to create and fund their own programs to end homelessness. The trust funds will provide some of the additional funds necessary to move homeless or formerly homeless individuals toward the goal of permanent affordable housing and self-sufficiency.

Freeholder Carmen G. Rodriguez also thanked Mayor Dana L. Redd of the City of Camden, who was the prime sponsor of the homeless trust fund legislation when she was a member of the State Senate. As the prime sponsor of the legislation, she was able to have Governor Corzine sign the legislation September 8, 2009, at the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. Almost one hundred fifty (150) people attended this event.

Mayor Dana L. Redd
Mayor Dana L. Redd

A county is allowed to collect the small sum of $3 for each document that must be filed by law with the county and they have to have developed their own plan to end homelessness that the money will support.

The Homeless Network Planning Committee (HNPC) , which is administered by the Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC), is the planning body that developed the plan to end homelessness within ten years in Camden County advocated for the establishment of the Camden County Homeless Trust Fund.

“The Camden County Homeless Trust Fund will be crucial in our efforts to end homelessness for families and individuals,” said Karen Talarico, the chair of HNPC.

The resources of the fund will be used to implement the Camden City and County’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

“This is an important first step and is a result of the collaboration and coordination of many people including HNPC members as well as CPAC, ” stated Gino Lewis, the director of Camden County’s Community Development Program.

Among the speakers thanking the Freeholders for approving the trust fund were:

  • Amir Khan, Chairman of the Greater Camden County Renaissance Group
  • Lloyd Henderson, Esq., President, Camden County East NAACP

Counties With Trust Funds

  • Passaic
  • Union
  • Middlesex
  • Bergen
  • Somerset
  • Hudson
  • Mercer

For more information on Homeless Trust Funds click here.

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