Homeless Persons’ Memorial

Seven events will be held in NJ

Homeless Persons' Memorial DayOn December 21, 2010, at least seven Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day events will be held in New Jersey. This date has been chosen as a time to remember all homeless people who died in the past year as a result of their lack of shelter or care. December 21 is the day with the least amount of light and has the longest night.

Many of us in the Christian and Jewish traditions recognize that meaningful Torah readings, the commemoration of Chanukah, and the celebration of Christmas fall in close proximity of this day. Religious symbolism in this time in both traditions focuses on light shining in darkness, and in God’s regard of those who are counter as poor, lowly, or easily vanquished.

The NJ Advocacy Network to End Homelessness last year assembled resources that can be used in public worship over the Sabbath weekend preceding December 21.To access this material click here.

Click here for the calendar of events.

The Rev. Bruce H. Davidson provided an overview to the 2009 Homeless Person’s Memorial Day events in New Jersey that still provides a clear and concise explanation of the importance of these events.

Because of the importance of these events we encourage everyone to attend at least one.

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