Most Homelessness is not visible

Homeless Myth: True or False

Myth 10: Most homeless people live on the streets.

Happy FamilySurveys and research shows that most individuals and families experiencing homelessness do not, as many may think, live on the streets.

In the 2010 New Jersey Point in Time Count of the Homeless, only 17% of the homeless respondents were unsheltered the night of the count.

The remaining 83% were split between emergency shelter, transitional housing and hotel/motel paid for by an agency as emergency shelter. And the largest percentage of the sheltered homeless reported staying in emergency shelter.

Most local communities in our state do an effective job of sheltering individuals and families experiencing homelessness therefore we are less likely to see individuals who are homeless living on the street. And we are much less likely to see families experiencing homelessness living on the street, in their cars or in other places not meant for human habitation.

Many families at risk or being homeless live doubled up with friends or relatives and therefore are not even counted as being homeless.

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