28,830 NJ homeless men, women and children

Homelessness remains at crisis levels despite funding
Action needed to end homelessness in the Garden State

2011 Point in Time ReportOn January 26, 2011 there were 12,825 homeless men, women and children counted across the state of New Jersey in the 2010 Point in Time (PIT) count according to the official U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) McKinney-Vento Act definition of homelessness according to the report prepared by Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH).

Although this is only a 6% increase from the 12,569 counted in 2009, it is the continued persistence of homelessness despite the record funding received by NJ’s Continuums of Care that is troubling.

We can no longer allow our brothers and sisters, our nieces and nephews, our cousins or our children to be homeless. Action is needed now to end homelessness!

Based on the statistical formula developed in the publication “Estimating the Need,” by CSH, the estimated number of men, women and children that are homeless over the course of the year within the State of New Jersey is 28,830.

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Homelessness by County

CountyActual CountEstimated Need
Atlantic                     536                      1,171
Bergen                  1,521                      1,739
Burlington                  1,037                      1,612
Camden                     733                      3,219
Cape May                     412                      1,108
Cumberland                       97                         444
Essex                  1,526                      3,288
Gloucester                     185                         533
Hudson                     673                      1,568
Hunterdon                       80                         161
Mercer                     843                      1,526
Middlesex                     946                      1,716
Monmouth                     559                      1,542
Morris                     317                      1,121
Ocean                     531                      1,126
Passaic                     587                      1,014
Salem                       80                         586
Somerset                     299                         502
Sussex                     107                         235
Union                  1,471                      4,067
Warren                     285                         546
Statewide Total                12,825                    28,830