100,000 Homes Campaign video

We need a NJ 1,000 Project!

100,000 Homes CampaignAs we reported last week, we have always been a strong advocate of the 100,000 Homes Campaign. The start of the Newark 50 Project has increased interest in how to initiate a similar initiative in their communities. Today we share the 100,000 Homes Campaign launch video that was first shown on July 12, 2010 during the opening plenary of the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) conference in Washington, DC.

[tubepress video=”7oktEUZyRog” embeddedHeight=”303″ embeddedWidth=”480″ autoplay=”false”]

We cannot state the importance of this initiative any clearer than Nan Roman, CEO and President, NAEH, when the video was first screened.

What can you do in your community? You can join the Campaign. You can find out, or create a registry of, the most vulnerable people — those vulnerable to death, those who have been homeless the longest, those who have been homeless for three years or longer, those who live outside, those who are over 50 — use whatever criteria you want, but set the goal of housing them this year.

We are ready to work on a NJ 1,000 Project! Are you ready to join us?