Help Create NJ’s Interagency Council on Homelessness

Senate approves S1535 35-1


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How did my Senator vote?

On August 25, 2011, S1535, An Act Establishing the Interagency Council on Preventing and Reducing Homelessness, was approved by the State Senate by a vote of 35-1.  Quoting the legislation, S1535 is an opportunity “to engage in an intensive collaborative effort to seek to devise more effective means of coordinating and funding programs to meet the needs of persons within New Jersey who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.”

The legislation was sponsored by:

What will be the next steps to create the Interagency Council?


The legislation will go before the Assembly where it will hopefully be voted on before the end of the legislative session in December? Passage by the Assembly by the end of this session is critical to ensure that the legislation does not have to go back to the Senate when the new legislators are sworn in after the first of the year.

What can you do to help create the Interagency Council?

Contact your assemblyperson TODAY and urge him/her to look for the legislation when it comes in from the Senate AND to support the bill in the Assembly.

Use our search form to find to contact your legislator.

For more information, contact Alison Recca-Ryan.