FY2011 CoC NOFA Released

Deadline is October 28, 2011

On Tuesday August 30, 2011 the Department of Housing and Urban Development released the FY2011 Continuum of Care NOFA.  Agencies and communities completing Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 information may now access the applications via e-snaps.  The deadline for submitting the final FY2011 CoC application via e-snaps is October 28, 2011.  HUD has issued the following guidance on the FY2011 application process:

  1. FY 2011 NOFA Policy Requirements and General Section
  2. FY2011 CoC Registration Notice
  3. FY2011 CoC Notice of Funding Availability
  4. FY2011 CoC FAQs

Highlights of changes in the FY2011 competition include:

  1.  The new definition of homelessness will apply to all SHP and S+C projects awarded funding through the FY2011 competition.  The new definition will not apply to renewal projects that are not included in the FY2011 competition.  To view the new definition of homelessness click here.
  2. HUD will target resources to high need communities by awarding 2 points to CoCs that are in the top 10 of the following categories:
    a.Foreclosure rate
    b.Per capita rate of homelessness
    c.Unemployment rate
    d.Ratio of unsheltered to shelter homeless persons
    e.Preliminary Pro Rata Need
  3. HUD will continue to give priority to new projects in 100% rural areas.  *Note – for the purposes of the CoC competition, there are no areas in New Jersey identified as 100% rural
  4. Applicants will no longer need to submit Logic Models with the Exhibit 2 application
  5. Applicants requesting funding for new SHP projects will have the option of selecting 1, 2, or 3 year initial grant terms
  6. HUD will announces FY2011 Grant awards in two parts with renewals announced first and new projects announced separately

The FY2011 CoC application will be scored based on the following criteria
CoC Exhibit 1 scoring
• CoC Housing, Services and structure = 14pts
• Homeless needs and data collection = 26 pts
• CoC strategic planning = 22 pts
• CoC performance = 32pts
• Housing Emphasis = 6pts

Exhibit 2 applications will be evaluated on meeting threshold criteria which includes:

• Eligibility requirements – applicant, activities, participants, and renewal eligibility
• Match requirements
• DUNS number and active CCR
• Project eligibility thresholds
• Project quality thresholds
• Project renewal thresholds – including timeliness of HUD fund expenditures and performance

For further information regarding the FY2011 competition please click here.

To access the e-snaps training website please click here.

To access the FY2011 application through E-snaps click here.