Family Homelessness on the rise

In CA, NJ and Across U.S. the middle class
are becoming homeless

Carol Kaufman-ScarboroughA recent Time Magazine article highlights the growing number of families, including formerly middle class families, are facing homelessness due to unemployment and the housing crisis and turning to emergency shelter after exhausting other resources.

The Union Rescue Mission, on Los Angeles’ Skid Row and featured in this article, has seen the number of families being served tripled since the economic crisis began in 2008 and has served a record high of more than 60 families in recent weeks. And with no effective strategies in place to alleviate California’s high unemployment rate, these numbers may very well continue to increase.

One of the residents living in the shelter was quoted in the article:

 I’ve always had a good house. We always had a nice car. My mom worked for the county, and we were able to wear nice things.

Click here to read the article.

New Jersey has also seen an increase in homeless families, although many remain “hidden” from our view in motels and other temporary housing. Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, a Professor and Associate Dean at the Rutgers University School of Business in Camden, NJ, recently published a study, The Hidden Homeless: Family Homes at the Motel and you can click here to read her study.