Despair not speak out with one voice

This is not the time to retreat
This is the time to organize!

We are in this together!There are days when the despair of the Age of Austerity is so overwhelming that the only reasonable course of action seems to be to retreat from the public square. The machete like slashing by both the House and the Senate of the budgets for HUD and other departments was so deep and harsh that we were almost ready to wave the white flag and surrender.

However, this is not the time and place to either retreat or surrender. This is the time to speak with one strong and clear voice that we can prevent and end homelessness!

The two HUD budgets that were released by Congress this month are deplorable and will force more of our brothers and sisters, our cousins, our nieces and nephews into homelessness.

The chart below, from data provided by the NLIHC, highlights some of the more devastating cuts.

Budget Reductions Selected HUD programs


FY11 Budget

House Sub-Committee 9/8/11

Senate Sub-Committee













Section 811




Section 202




As much as both budgets are inappropriate, we are aware that the likelihood in the short-term of making significant changes is a very formidable task. But it is a challenge we must accept.

If we do not accept this challenge, we will be overwhelmed by the negativity and despair that permeates the air we breathe, and our accomplishments and the organizations for which we work will perish.

To render null and void what we have all achieved when we are so close to ending homelessness is not an option.

The only course of action is to stand together and speak with one voice as we advocate for a fair budget that does not force more of our neighbors to be un-housed and living at great risk.

One small step that we must all do today is to pick up the phone and call our member of Congress as well as Senators Lautenberg and Menendez and let them know why the budget cuts will not save money but cost us more as the numbers of homeless persons increases.

We are ready, wiling and able to do our part.

Are you ready to join us and stand together and speak with one voice?