Rental Assistance in NJ highlighted by CBPP

Overview of Voucher Utilization by all PHAs

Section 8The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) recently published two new fact sheets on rental assistance in New Jersey.

The first fact sheet summarizes federal rental assistance in New Jersey. As background, about 34 percent of all New Jersey households – or 1,068,697 households – are renters. Federal rental assistance programs enable more than 156,436 low-income households in New Jersey to rent housing at an affordable cost. About 60 percent of these households are headed by people who are elderly or have disabilities; approximately 29 percent are families with children.

In New Jersey, 263,175 low-income renter households pay more than half their monthly cash income for housing costs. On average, these households have incomes of $1,249 and pay housing costs of $1,110, leaving only $139 to pay for other necessities. About 39 percent of these cost-burdened renters are elderly or people with disabilities, while 35 percent are families with children.

Click here to read more including a breakdown of units by federal program.

The second fact sheet analyzes housing voucher in New Jersey. 61,400 families in New Jersey used Housing Choice Vouchers last year. But data shows that 89% of authorized vouchers in our state were used in 2010.

Click here to read more including breakdowns of vouchers used by each of the housing authorities in the state.

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