Super-Committee Talking Points

How do we protect funding to end homelessness?

Super CommitteeThe Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has, in coordination with several of their partners, developed talking points regarding the Super Committee’s deficit reduction work. You can use these points to make phone calls or send emails to members of the committee. Click here for a chart of the “super-committee” membership and a summary of where they each stand.

With the work of the “super-committee”, we have an opportunity to advocate that this committee protects efforts to end homelessness. In summary, CSH urges the Joint Selection Committee on Deficit Reduction, the “super-committee”, to support the federal government’s long-standing, bipartisan commitment to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. Specifically, the “super-committee” should:

  1. Prevent further cuts in discretionary spending for affordable housing and targeted homelessness programs.
  2. Protect Medicaid access to help reach the bipartisan goal of ending chronic homelessness.
  3. Preserve low-income, safety net programs through a balanced approach to deficit reduction.

Click here to read the full version of talking points.