Deficits, Domestic Programs and Pentagon Spending

SAVE for All Campaign: October 27 Webinar

Coalition for Human NeedsJoin the SAVE for All Campaign (Strengthening America’s Values and Economy for All) on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. for a webinar on “Defecits, Domestic Programs and Pentagon Spending.”

This webinar will introduce you to Pentagon budget basics, with experts showing you hundreds of billions of dollars in military savings that can be made without risk to U.S. security.

To defend services people need, we need to know about and work towards a better set of options.

Presenters will include:

  • Lawrence Korb is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. He is also a senior advisor to the Center for Defense Information, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and served as Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration.
  • Laura Peterson is a Senior Policy Analyst at Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS). She heads TCS’ national security program, which includes oversight of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and State Department budgets.
  • Chris Hellman is a Senior Research Analyst for National Priorities Project. At NPP, he specializes in military spending and the local impact of overall federal spending and revenue priorities.
  • Ruth Flower , Associate Executive Secretary for Legislative Program at Friends Committee on National Legislation, will monitor the session. As FCNL’s legislative director, Ruth lobbies on the federal budget, military spending, immigration, civil rights, religious freedom and other domestic issues.

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