Affordable Housing Doesn’t Increase Crime

Two studies documents no impact!

Urban InstituteTwo new studies show that HOPE VI housing developments and housing choice vouchers don’t lead to increases in crime.

In the first study, “Memphis Murder Mystery Revisited: Do Housing Voucher Households Cause Crime?” New York University’s Furman Center tracked voucher holders in 10 U.S. cities and looked at their impact on neighborhood crime. The study found no association between the arrival of voucher holders into a neighborhood and the incidence of crime one year later.

Click here to read the full study.

In the second study, “Movin’ Out: Crime Displacement and HUD’s HOPE VI Initiative,” the Urban Institute looked at HOPE VI development projects in Washington, D.C. and Milwaukee and evaluated address-level police data during four stages of redevelopment. They found minimal evidence of crime displacement in adjacent neighborhoods to the HOPE VI developments. In Milwaukee, they found a reduction in the frequency of crime over time, though the positive impact took several years to be realized. Similar reductions occurred in Washington, D.C., with crime falling faster during the early stages of development.

Click here to read the full study.

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