Increase in Homeless Youth

NYC Would Have to Help Aging Out Youth

Homeless YouthIn an October, 21 article, “A Deal to Help Foster Youths Find Housing”, The New York Times reports on the city’s agreement in a proposed lawsuit settlement that it allows older children aging out of foster care to become immediate homeless.

In a quote featured in an article, “An alarming number of young people are being discharged from foster care into homelessness,” Tamara Steckler, the lawyer in charge of the juvenile rights practice at the Legal Aid Society, said in a written statement.

The lawsuit claims that 800 to 1,100 youth are discharged from foster care only to be immediately living on their own. The City Council estimates that 25% of this vulnerable population experiences homelessness. The proposed settlement would require the city to: maintain a division of the Administration for Children’s Services, begin training in foster care and change the way it works to help these 18-21 year olds find stable housing and improve access to services.

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