HEARTH is on the way!

Will there be a 2012 CoC Competition?

HEARTH: Time to PlanIn the report accompanying the FY 2012 legislation Congress just passed, it very clearly indicates that Congress wants HEARTH implementation to advance as far as possible this year.

The bill includes at least $250 million for the new ESG program. Of this, at least $90 million is expected to go toward the newly-eligible activities of prevention and rapid re-housing. Congress also provided enough resources to fund all Continuum of Care renewals, as well as $7 million for the national homeless data analysis project.

In its accompanying report, Congress directed HUD to put any additional funding toward the ESG and rural housing stability programs. In addition, Congress urged HUD to publish interim CoC HEARTH Act regulations this fiscal year. To read the full report language click here.

It is still too early to know exactly how much funding this will result in for the ESG program or what the rural housing stability program will look like. It is also unclear whether HUD will run a competition this year. We will keep you updated as we learn more in the coming months about what this means for HEARTH implementation.

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Last week, NAEH Vice President Steve Berg wrote a blog reflecting on current funding for HUD affordable housing and homelessness programs, and where we go from here. The overall budget constraints will be even tighter over the next few years, now that the Super-Committee process has failed to produce legislation and $600 billion in domestic spending cuts will occur on January 2, 2013.

We are going through a tough period now, and it will require us, working together, to continue to do remarkable things. But remarkable things are the stock in trade for the community of people in NJ working to end homelessness.

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