New ESG Program Explained

NJ allocated $2.49 million to prevent homelessness

Understanding the New ESG ProgramThe new Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) regulations released by HUD on November 15, 2011, replaced the old Emergency Shelter Grant Program and provides more flexible funding to focus on prevention and rapid re-housing activities.

The priorities of ESG are:

  • Broaden existing emergency shelter and homelessness prevention activities.
  • Emphasize Rapid Re-Housing.
  • Help people quickly regain stability in permanent housing after experiencing a housing crisis and/or homelessness.
  • Enhance alignment of ESG regulations with other HUD programs – including CDBG, HOME, and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.
  • Support more coordinated and effective data collection, performance measurement, and program evaluation.

Click here for the HUD PowerPoint

Over the next ten days Monarch Housing will be providing information on the ESG program. The posts will focus on one section at a time. The order of the posts will be:

  1. Consolidated Plan
  2. ESG General Provisions
  3. ESG Eligible Activities
  4. ESG Award & Use of Funds
  5. ESG Reallocations
  6. ESG Program Requirements
  7. ESG grant administration

The additional allocations of the second round of funding for New Jersey by entitlement community were:


Location Amount of Second FY2011 Allocation
TRENTON  $         75,661
UNION COUNTY  $       133,247
PATERSON  $         72,999
BERGEN COUNTY  $       268,039
CAMDEN COUNTY  $         64,994
ESSEX COUNTY  $       155,203
HUDSON COUNTY  $         93,062
MIDDLESEX COUNTY  $         47,845
MONMOUTH COUNTY  $         74,473
MORRIS COUNTY  $         55,922
CAMDEN  $         69,038
BAYONNE  $         47,428
ELIZABETH  $         51,753
NEWARK  $       213,307
JERSEY CITY  $       161,932
Totals $    2,490,981