Harmful Rent Increases in Draft Legislation

18,671 at risk in NJ

Harmful Rent Increases in Draft LegislationA recent December 5, 2011 New York Times editorial, “A Recipe for Homelessness,” brings attention to a potentially harmful provision in the recently released draft of the Section 8 Savings Act. Among the legislation’s promising proposals is the allowance for housing programs to raise rents on almost 70,000 households across the country receiving federal rent assistance.

Their rent could be increased by a minimum of $300 a year which would put very low-income families in the position of choosing between basic needs and also the possibility of doubling up with relatives or moving into shelter or to the streets.

In New Jersey, this proposal would put a total of 18,671 households receiving federal rent assistance at risk of rent increases. That total number breaks down by the following programs:

  • 9,209 Housing Choice Vouchers,
  • 3,921 Public Housing, and
  • 5,541 Project Based Section 8.

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