Will homelessness increase in 2012?

Top ten reasons it could
Unless we act to change policy

Will homelessness increase in 2012?Next week’s Point in Time Count may set a record as the warmest day ever for a street count. Will it also document a rising tide of homelessness from the Great Recession?

In December we posted a link to a Huffington Post article by Joe John Roberts entitled: 10 Reasons Homelessness Could Increase In 2012.

We found his article and the ten reasons very interesting. We probably would have focused more on budget cuts and other policy issues, but his list is comprehensive.

Click here to read his post.

Number 4 – Band-Aids become the easy solution – was of special interest as we begin the New Year. As Mr. Roberts notes, three decades ago, this nation utilized a band-aid approach to addressing homelessness, by providing food lines and shelter beds. They were quick and inexpensive ways to appease a country concerned about homelessness.

Permanent supportive housing is an effective solution that ends homelessness. Mr. Roberts stated, “with the expense and time of building, some are still tempting to return to the easier Band-Aid approach.”

Permanent, supportive housing works and has begun to reduce homelessness in NJ. With the loss of funding streams on a national and state level including but not limited to the Special Needs Trust Fund, we hear increasing calls from donors and funders that we need to return to the Band-Aid approach.

The more we focus on Band-Aids and not ending homelessness with permanent supportive housing, homelessness will continue to increase faster than we can add shelter beds.

We need to remain focused on ending homelessness in 2012!

Here are Mr. Robert’s the top ten ways American homelessness could increase in 2012:

  • Ten: A focus on the insignificant.
  • Nine: Redevelopment Agencies are eliminated.
  • Eight: Uncharitable Deductions become economic policy.
  • Seven: Occupy Main Street vacates.
  • Six: A Voiceless Presidential Campaign.
  • Five: A Super Committee is assigned to end homelessness.
  • Four: Band-Aids become the easy solution.
  • Three: America returns to Iraq.
  • Two: 100,000 Homes becomes a slogan.
  • One: European Debt Crisis becomes an American Crisis.

What would be your top ten reasons?