Alliance Shares Budget Briefing Materials

National Organization Provides Advocacy Opportunities

Using Advocacy to End Homelessness: A Toolkit for Understanding and Conducting AdvocacyOn February 15, 2012, the National Alliance to End Homelessness (the Alliance) hosted a webinar to briefing homeless advocates and practitioners across the country about the details of the proposed budget and next steps.

The session included:

  • An overview of the federal budget and appropriations process,
  • A rundown of the President’s FY 2013 Budget,
  • A 2012 budget and policy outlook, and
  • Information about how to get involved in advocacy to fund preventing and ending homelessness.

The Alliances policy and advocacy staff emphasized that the Administration recognizes that the investment in ending homelessness pays off and sees that homeless providers effectively using federal funding to help those who are in most in need of assistance. This is evident in the proposed funding increase to the McKinney-Vento program. Advocates are energized around the clear commitment the Administration has shown to implementing the HEARTH Act and the Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness.

In the coming weeks, Congress will hold hearings on the President’s Budget Proposal. Afterward, the House and Senate will begin to craft their FY 2013 appropriations bills.

Are you concerned about funding for ending homelessness, helping runaway and homeless youth and/or homeless veterans? The Alliance will be launching major advocacy campaigns in the coming days to support sufficient funding for HUD’s McKinney-Vento programs, RHYA programs, and VA’s Zero Homelessness Initiative. If you are interested in participating in any of these campaigns, please email Kate Seif.

As Monarch has reported in previous posts, the Administration released its fiscal year (FY) 2013 Budget Proposal on Monday, February 13, 2012. This document is released annually by the Administration in early February and begins the federal budget process for the upcoming fiscal year.

The President’s FY 2013 Budget Proposal includes suggested funding levels for many key programs targeted toward low-income or homeless people, including the following:

  • $2.23 billion for HUD’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants, a 17 percent increase over the FY 2012 level;
  • $1.35 billion for targeted homeless veteran programs within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a 33 percent increase over the FY 2012 level;
  • $115 million for Runaway and Homeless Youth Act programs, the same as in FY 2012; and
  • $19.07 billion for Tenant-Based Rental Assistance, including $75 million for about 10,000 new HUD-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) vouchers.

Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation from the webinar, more information on proposed funding levels and to access additional policy and advocacy materials.

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