Monarch Releases Regional Homeless Reports

Key Findings Provide Local Communities
With Tool for Data Driven Planning

Regional Homeless ReportsUsing data from New Jersey’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and dividing the state into three regions, Monarch Housing Associates has created three Regional – Northern, Central, and Southern – Homeless Assessment Reports.

Key findings include the following homelessness household population totals:

Other findings include data about subpopulations, information about the causes of homelessness, and additional demographics that paint the picture of the homeless population.

With the implementation of the HEARTH Act, resources for homeless programs will be tied to a community’s ability to effectively reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness and implement programs and processes that can successfully end homelessness.

The use of local data on the homeless population and the programs within a community will play a critical role in planning and program development in order to end homelessness and will be essential for basic compliance with HEARTH Act regulations. These reports provide a snapshot of the characteristics of homeless households in the three regions.

While these reports provide very basic information about the homeless population in each region, they may serve as the foundation of a more in depth review of the population and its needs. Communities in New Jersey are well positioned to move towards data driven planning with the wealth of information available through HMIS. We hope this report will serve as an example of how to take the first step in using data to transform the system.

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