Philanthropy’s Role in Improving Health and Housing Stability

CSH Provides Innovative Opportunity to End Homelessness

Philanthropy’s Role in Improving Health and Housing StabilityOn February 9, 2012, the Funders Together blog featured a guest post from the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), “Partnering Around Social Innovation in Health, Housing, and Homelessness: An Invitation to Funders from Corporation for Supportive Housing.” CSH’s Nancy McGraw writes about CSH’s belief and experience that supportive housing plus healthcare can decrease the financial costs that homeless high frequency users of emergency services place on the system.

McGraw cites research showing that:

  • 5% of beneficiaries of emergency rooms, hospitals, detox, and other crisis health services represent 50% of expenses and
  • communities spend $60,000/year on “band-aid resources” for high frequency users.

She makes the case that philanthropy can play a role in social innovation in health, housing and homelessness by:

  • Funding initiatives that focus on the intersection between health and housing;
  • Supporting local housing and service providers, increasing their capacity to align their programs and connect to health systems; and
  • Taking a leadership role in convening government and nonprofits, encouraging collaboration and dialogue between health and housing systems.

CSH’s $2.3 million Social Innovation Fund will target the highest-need people by developing cutting-edge models that build new kinds of partnerships between supportive housing providers and health services. And CSH is looking for partners who are also excited about this new direction. An open RFP process is currently underway to select the four sites around the country that will pilot these programs (sites will be announced March 1, 2012).

How is your organization partnering with philanthropy around a social innovation to end homelessness? Do you work with a funder that would be interested in partnering with CSH around the Social Innovation Fund?

Click here to read the whole post and learn more about Funders Together, a national network of funders supplying strategic, innovative, and effective grantmaking to end homelessness.