Senate Committee Holds State Budget Hearings

March 13 in Montclair
March 22 in Burlington

Senate Committee Holds State Budget HearingsThe Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee has opened registration for members of the public who are interested in testifying at the public hearings on the proposed State Budget for Fiscal Year 2013.

The Senate will hold two hearings:

  • Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 9:00 a.m., at Montclair State University, Conference Center, University Hall, 1 Normal Avenue, Montclair
  • Thursday, March 22, 2012. 9:00 a.m., at Burlington County College, Pemberton Campus Gymnasium, 601 Pemberton-Browns Mills Road, Pemberton

You may participate in one by selecting the date and time that best suits you or your organization. Every attempt will be made to honor your request, but the committee may have to reschedule some individuals should the requested times be oversubscribed.

As part of any testimony that you provide at the budget hearings we strongly encourage you to speak about the importance of Renewing NJ’s Special Needs Housing Trust Fund (SNHTF). Please use their talking points as a guide and speak specifically about how SNHTF has transformed lives and created jobs. Click here for sample testimony.

If you have questions or need assistance in testifying about the SNHTF, click here to email us. If you do testify please let us know, as we need to record our efforts to Renew NJ’s Special Needs Housing Trust Fund.

Please note, participants from the public will only be allowed to testify at one public hearing. In consideration of all who wish to contribute, it is preferred that those participants from statewide or national organizations with multiple chapters, offices, locations, etc., consolidate their efforts and select one person to represent the organization at each public hearing. Your presentation may include information pertaining to more than one chapter, office, location, etc.

You may register by fax, mail, phone or online. Please note, do not register by phone if you have faxed or mailed in your registration or have registered online. As soon as your registration is received, you will be sent a confirmation package. If you have not received confirmation by Friday, March 9, 2012 for the March 13 hearing OR by Tuesday, March 20, 2012 for the March 22 hearing, please call 609-847-3105.

To register:

  • By fax, click here for the public hearing selection form and fax the completed form to 609-777-2442
  • By mail, click here for the form that you can complete and mail to the address on the form.
  • By phone, call the office at 609-777-3105 with the information on the form and state that you wish to register for one of the Senate public hearings.
  • Lastly, to register online, click here and then click on “online registration” and follow the directions to register. Submit the form and print a copy of your registration and a confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail using the same address you used to register.

For assistance, please call the Legislative Budget and Finance Office at (609) 847-3105.