New Survey on Domestic Violence & Homelessness

Your Input Critical to Addressing
Gap in Services System

New to Survey on Domestic Violence & HomelessnessThe National Center on Family Homelessness is working on a project to address the gap in services between the domestic violence (DV) and homeless service systems. Often these two systems work separately. Many homeless families have experienced DV and many DV survivors are homeless and in need of stable, safe, permanent housing.

We strongly encourage you to take 10 minutes to complete a short survey regarding the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness.

The National Center is conducting this survey of both homeless shelter providers and domestic violence shelter and transitional housing providers to better understand the problem, gaps in services, and need. Based on what we learn, we will be producing a guide with recommendations and best practices to help the two systems improve coordination to better meet the needs of families surviving domestic violence and experiencing homelessness.

Please click here to take the short survey – it will take less than 10 minutes to complete.