Network Sets Record Straight on Foreclosure Housing Act

Proposed Legislation Would Save
Neighborhoods and Create New Homes

Staci Berger“Let our neighborhoods and property values decline, and wage war on working people, homeless veterans and people with disabilities. That’s Lonegan’s response to the foreclosure crisis,” writes Staci Berger of the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (HCDNNJ).

In a May 12, 2012 letter to The Record, Berger, director of policy and advocacy for HCDNNJ, responded to Steve Lonegan,’s May 11, 2012, opinion piece, “Foreclosure Housing Act a Danger to Neighborhoods.” Lonegan is the State Director of Americans for Prosperity.

Lonegan has repeatedly criticized the New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act which provides the opportunity to use municipal trust fund money to convert abandoned, foreclosed houses into affordable and market rate homes for individual and family households.

Concludes Berger:

As (Ronald) Reagan recognized, there are times when our government must play a limited, but necessary role in the market place. With no end in sight for the foreclosure crisis, this is one of those times.

Sadly, Lonegan would rather spew nonsense about ‘a social engineering plot’ than provide any solutions to the economic crisis we face.

Click here to read Berger’s full letter.