Miami Group Shows Many Faces of Homelessness

Speakers Bureau and Blog Feature Individuals and
Families from Different Walks of Life

Bobbi Ibarra Bobbi Ibarra heads up Miami’s Coalition to End Homelessness and in her May 16, 2012 blog post on the Huffington Post, about city’s Faces of Homelessness Speakers Bureau, which is expanding to also share stories through their blog.

The Bureau was established primarily as a response to hate crimes against the homeless and includes profiles such as youth who are part of homeless families. Individuals and families featured get away from the stereotypical homeless profile of a single adult living on the street and often facing chronic homelessness.

Writes Ibarra:

In order for our readers to acquire a better understanding of an individual’s experience entering the realm of homelessness and the efforts they underwent to have that be one of their life’s journeys, we will be featuring their stories in future blogs,

Although, NJ has increasingly been effective in removing stereotypes, what can we do in NJ to share “the faces of homelessness?” Please let us know what you are doing so we can work together to remove stereotypes!

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