Do the Homeless Have Too Much to Eat

Schanes Sets the Record Straight
on Where/How the
Very Poor Get Their Meals

Christine SchanesIn her series of articles addressing myths about homelessness, writer Christine Schanes posts an article, “Homeless Myth #23: They Have Too Much to Eat” on The Huffington Post site.” People often mistake that homeless individuals’ weight issues are due to overeating while instead their weight issues are more likely to their diet of donated prepared foods such as pasta, bread and muffins.

Schanes writes:

“I’ve had the privilege to work with people in need for over 20 years. Sadly, in all of that time, I have never known a homeless person who was able to eat three healthy meals a day. Really.”

And to quote one homeless individual Jon who lives in the San Diego are, “We never have too much food.”

As one just example from across the country, the San Diego 2012 Point in Time Count of the homeless found that almost half of the County’s homeless received their meals in shelters but over half of the population lived unsheltered without facilities to cook their own meals.

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