LIHTC Tenant Study Released

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  1. I am trying to find out if renters residing in a LIHTC housing can for a tenant association. If so, what parts of their bylaws are different from a regular nonprofit entity; and where can I find the statute on this issue. Are there sample bylaws anywhere?

  2. I found it for myself on the PA Housing Finance Agency website. Cheers to all, yes we can form a tenant association!

  3. If tenants who live in (LP) LIHTC. Section 42 or so called Tax Credit housing can’t form tenant councils or tenant associations why have a By-law for such entities on anyone’s website. The answer is that it’s out there because we can have the entities created even if our rehab of such housing is supported by investors. We are having our election soon. Thank God that He is a God of justice who stands up for the little people, especially seniors and children who should never be homeless in America.

  4. Hi Rosa,

    I’m also trying to figure out how LIHTC tenants can organize. If you can shoot me an email at

    Thanks and look forward to talking to you!

    John Robinson