Strong Services Networks Can End Homelessness

Focus on What is Working

Jean-Michel Giraud In a July 30, 2012 Huffington Post blog post, Jean-Michel Giraud poses the question, “What is it Going To Take to End Homelessness?” on the heels of another successful National Alliance to End Homelessness annual conference in Washington, D.C.

He points to “building strong homeless services networks” as a solution and calls on people to learn more about the homeless systems in their area and find out what is working.

Homelessness is not likely to entirely disappear. There will always be individuals who will need short-term, emergency assistance. But quoting from his post,

“Perhaps NAEH’s President Nan Roman said it best when she defined the end of homelessness this way: ‘Ending homelessness does not mean that nobody will become homeless, but that effective systems will be in place to help people become housed again rapidly.’ All of a sudden it makes perfect sense. We can all get our arms around the notion of adequate systems of care helping to solve homelessness in the nation.”

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