A Moral Choice on the Ryan Budget

Religious Community Speaks Out Against Romney’s VP Choice

Rep. Ryan and Gov. RomneyIn an August 20, 2012 editorial, The Star-Ledger points to the strong disapproval that Governor Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan for his Vice Presidential running mate has received from the ecumenical religious community.

The piece questions Romney’s choice based on Ryan’s “budget plan so harsh that it becomes its own moral issue. The plan makes severe cuts to food stamps, healthcare for children and the disabled, veterans assistance and other social services.

It poses devastating consequences for the homeless and those families and individuals who are at risk of homelessness.

He so offended the Catholic nuns that they embarked on a 17-city cross-country bus tour in protest. These sisters have no shortage of fans. They got cheered like rock stars across the Midwest, drawing larger crowds at some stops than Romney’s bus tour. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops piled on, too, calling Ryan’s budget “unjustified and wrong” in an April letter to the House.

Quoting the Star-Ledger:

“So if budgets are moral documents, as religious leaders say, this election will be a moral decision – and Ryan doesn’t measure up.”

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