Homeless Speak Out on Needs to Politicians

Huffington Post Features Video Interviews

Mark HovarthAs the national political conventions give us an opportunity to hear where the candidates stand on the issues that are important to us, Huffington Post blogger, Mark Horvath asked “Homeless People (to) Speak Out on What They Wanted from Politicians” for his August 29, 2012 post and video. He was initially surprised to find out from the homeless people that he informally posed that they do not vote.

They often feel powerless due to the fact that they have no choices left to make and that they are uninformed due to their lack of access to the internet and television – something that most of us take for granted.

The homeless people I talked to asked politicians to focus on everything from education to housing services to empowering young people.

“Education is extremely important,” one homeless woman, Katherine, said. “Don’t make it so hard to pay back loans. Don’t stomp on people for graduating college and put them in a no-paying job.”

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