Monarch Presents HMIS Data at National Data Conference

NJHMFA and Foothold are Co-presenters
HUD’s Oliva Spoke of Data’s Critical Importance

HMIS Data:  The Key to Unlocking HEARTH Implementation

Last week, Monarch Housing Associates along with its partners presented the National Human Services Data Consortium 2012 Fall Conference. The conference, “Creating a Community System of Care”, took place October 11-12, 2012 in the Metro D.C. Area.

Monarch’s Katelyn Cunningham, Abram L. Hilson of the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Authority (HMFA), and Paul Rossi of Foothold Technology presented, “HMIS Data: The Key to Unlocking HEARTH Implementation.”

The session highlighted how the HMFA has partnered and contracted with Monarch for assistance in moving the HMIS system to the next level necessary for HEARTH implementation. In order to remain competitive for funding, communities will need to move towards a data driven system in which funding decisions are based on the identified needs as well as program performance.

And in the remarks and morning plenary session that opened the conference, Ann Oliva, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Needs, U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) emphasized to attendees the critical importance of data to HUD. She spoke of as part of her work pulling together spreadsheets that compiled data that was directly collected by local partners.

Click here for the HMIS Data presentation.