National Sequestration Call-in Day March 7

Let NJ’s Delegation Know that
Stalemate and Sequestration Are Unacceptable

National Sequestration Call-in Day March 6Please join the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) and Monarch Housing on Thursday, March 7, 2013 in participating in National Sequestration Call-in Day.

The call-in day was extended by one day! Call now!

Tell your Members of Congress that the budget stalemate is unacceptable and that sequestration must end immediately. Share any impacts you have on the loss of HUD and USDA resources.

  • Click here for a directory of New Jersey’s congressional delegation that includes phone numbers and email addresses for the housing staffers.
  • Ask them to remind your Senators and Representative that every decision they make is a choice with a real impact. Urge them to choose the needs of low income families who deserve decent and affordable homes over loopholes for the wealthiest Americans.
  • After you call, please let us know how the call went by e-mailing Kate Kelly.

Now that sequestration has become a reality, the effects are coming into sharp focus. Federal departments will be forced to make abrupt, arbitrary cuts to homelessness and affordable housing services like housing choice vouchers, public housing maintenance, McKinney-Vento funding and HOME allocations.

For months, both sides of the budget battle agreed that sequestration was a last resort because it would cause significant harm and disruption to critical public services and our economy. To learn more about the negative impact in New Jersey, click here.

The timing of sequestration could not be worse. New NLIHC analysis shows that the rental housing stock available and affordable to extremely low income people is at a shortage of 4.6 million, a 300,000 increase over the prior year. This is the time for greater federal commitment to affordable housing, not less.