CoC Spending to End Homlessness

CoC Spending Plan Template

CoC Spending to End HomlessnessThe National Alliance to End Homelessness (Alliance) has developed a new Spending Plan Template to help communities assess how they are currently spending homeless assistance funding and help them plan for changes.

The Alliance developed the template as part of a project to help the Commonwealth of Virginia reduce family homelessness by shifting to a rapid re-housing approach. The template includes instructions and an instructional video designed to assist Virginia communities, so some of the references in the video may be state-specific.

If you’re interested in using the Alliance’s template for your community, download it and review the instructions and instructional video. The template requires homeless assistance providers to provide information about how much funding they receive, the source of the funding, and what strategies the funding is used for.

The next step is to get assistance providers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to fill out the template, which will allow your community to plan for how funding will change over the coming year and over the next five years.

The benefit of the template is that it facilitates community conversations about how resources in the community are spent and how they should be spent in the future.

For more information about the template, please contact the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building.