Jersey Strong on Capitol Hill

Meetings With
All 14 NJ Members

This year Monarch Housing Associates and CSH were the NJ state co-captains for Capitol Hill Day 2013, which was held on Wednesday July 24th at the end of NAEH’s National Conference on Ending Homelessness.

This year meetings were held with senior staff from each of the fourteen NJ Congressional offices. In addition, three members of Congress – Rob Andrews, Leonard Lance and Donald Payne, Jr. attended the meetings.

Congressman Lance

(L to R) Sandra Domalewski, Taiisa Kelly, Gloria Acosta, Congressman Lance, Gildalina Santos, Katelyn Cunningham and Steve Clayton.

The meeting goals were to:

  1. Establish/build relationships with your congressional offices;
  2. Educate your senators and representatives on your success and progress at home; and
  3. Encourage them to work in support of policy initiatives to end homelessness.

To prepare participants, the Alliance hosted a Federal Policy Update webinar on Tuesday, July 16 that provided updates on the Hill Day policy priorities driving the Capitol Hill Day agenda.

Congressman Andrews

(L to R) Richard W. Brown, Steve Clayton, Charles Ansert, Congressman Andrews, Eileen Henderson and Sandra Domalewski.

The NJ group advocated for each of the issues as well as related matters. Full details of the outcomes of the advocacy day will be posted later this week.