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Funding Restricted by Sequester

FY13 CoC Registration Notice PostedThe FY2013 CoC Program Registration Notice is posted and the FY2013 CoC Registration is live in e-snaps.

The deadline to complete the CoC Registration is 7:59:59 PM ET on September 23, 2013.

CoCs failing to submit a FY2013 CoC Registration by the deadline, will NOT have access to the CoC Consolidated Application and will NOT be able to apply for FY2013 CoC Program funding.

FY 2013 Funding Limitations

While the Act and CoC Program interim rule authorize increases in project administrative costs, leasing, rental assistance, and operating funds for renewal projects, HUD will not fund all of these increases at the maximum authorized levels. Although the maximum amount authorized for CoC planning funds is 3 percent, Collaborative Applicants may only request CoC planning costs up to 1.25 percent of the FY 2013 Final Pro Rata Need (FPRN) or $250,000, whichever is less, in the FY 2013 CoC Competition. As a reminder, HUD will consider only one CoC planning application per CoC, and the organization applying for the funds must be designated by the CoC. In addition, although the maximum amount authorized for Unified Funding Agency costs is 3 percent, Collaborative Applicants that are designated as UFAs in the FY 2013 CoC Program Competition may only request 0.50 percent of the FPRN or $100,000, whichever is less.

HUD anticipates that the appropriation for this program made available through the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013 (Public Law 113-6, approved March 26, 2013) (the “HUD Appropriations Act”), as subject to sequestration, is insufficient to fund all projects eligible for renewal in the FY 2013 CoC Program Competition. As such, the only new projects that CoCs may apply for include those created through reallocation, CoC planning, and UFA costs.

Key Highlights

HUD strongly encourages all CoC stakeholders, Collaborative Applicants, project applicants, and project sub-recipients to read the FY2013 CoC Program Registration Notice in its entirety, paying special attention to Section IV. HUD’s Homeless Policy and Program Priorities. Collaborative Applicants should carefully review Section III.

Completing the Registration Process of the Notice prior to starting the FY2013 CoC Registration process in e-snaps. HUD will post a training guide for the FY2013 CoC Registration process on or after August 30, 2013, to the FY2013 CoC Program NOFA: CoC Program Competition page.

Important Notes:

  • Collaborative Applicants must complete the annual registration using e-snaps, a web-based portal accessible at www.hud.gov/esnaps. CoC Registration and the CoC Consolidated Application will not be available at www.grants.gov.
  • This CoC Registration process is not for project applicants. The Project Application will be available with the publication of the FY2013 CoC Program NOFA expected in mid-October.
  • Each CoC must include ALL eligible renewal projects in the FY2013 Grant Inventory Worksheet. Project funds expiring in calendar year 2014 are eligible for renewal and must be included on the GIW. If the CoC is unsure if a project is eligible to apply for renewal funds in FY2013, the CoC must contact the local HUD CPD field office.

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